Agrecol Sp. Z. o.o. is a leading manufacturer of horticultural fertilizers, products for the plant care and packager of hobbistic Plants Protection Products. Since its inception over 25 years ago to the present moment Agrecol came a long way and reached a leading position in the industry by working together with clients.

During the development of companies were established:

  • Agrecol Studio – activities in the field of graphic and marketing
  • Agrecol Lab – research and quality maintaining activities

Long-term cooperation with clients meant to the sales department an extensive experience and a very good knowledge of gardening market, and so the sales department gives a real support in building a good relationship with the business – and the last customer.

Why US


Good communication with the most important places in Europe. The Distribution Network located throughout the country helps with the distribution of Agrecol offer.

Company vision

We want to be a global manufacturer who cares about quality and effectiveness of products, supported by the dynamic development of the technology.

Company Mission

We provide with passion safe and comprehensive solutions for your home and garden.


The leader in the horticultural industry in the hobby market sector.


The fastest growing brand on the biocides market.

Agrecol Lab

Our own analysis – and research laboratory.

Agrecol Studio

Our own analysis – and research laboratory.

Production of a wide range of products and packages, including:

  • Granules, aqueous solutions, creams and gels.

  • The manufacturing of packaging and other plastic and cardboard elements.

  • Furthermore, we have the possibility to pack final products in cartons, cans, bottles, foils, bags, multi-packs, cans, aerosols and other packaging.

Production of granulates, aqueous solutions, gels and creams:

  • Lines for the granules production of bulk materials with the capacity up to 4t / hr.

  • Lines for packaging granules, powders and bulk goods in packings from 1g to 25kg foil-type d-pack.

  • Lines for the production of aqueous solutions.

  • Lines for creams and gels.manufacture.

  • Cup filling liquid products, creams and gels with a capacity of 8 thousand. packages / hour. Supporting different size containers from 1 ml to 20 liters in the linear and carousel system.

Packing in cartons, cans, bottles, films, bags, aerosols, multi-packs:

  • Lines for the production of plastic parts

  • (PE, PP) like:  buckets, caps, lids.

  • Lines for the production of bottles and cans with the blow molding method of plastics like : (PE, PP) with a capacity of 3 thousand./hour. The possibility of blowing from 50 ml to 8 l.

  • Lines for the production of bottles and other PET plastic by injection molding with blow molding.

  • Lines for packing in cardboard boxes with a capacity of 3 thousand. packages./hour and many other.


Agrecol Corporation is a 100% Polish capital group, whose pillar is existing since 1988 family business AGRECOL. The domain of the company is, since its inception, the production of horticultural fertilizers, products for the plants care and confection of plant protection products intended for the hobby market. Production of biocidal products AROX is another rapidly growing area of activity, the purpose of which is to provide consumers with safe products of the highest quality. Continuous development is the motto that allows to keep Companies and brands belonging to the Agrecol Corporation in the market leader position.