Preparing recipes and chemical compositions and quality control of finished products using modern analytical - and research equipment.


Emerging products and, in particular fertilizers require prior chemical expertise on specific plant or group of plants for which they are dedicated. This allows to carefully examine the nutritional requirements for micronutrients and this enables to specifically select all the necessary ingredients (including minerals).


We provide constant supervision control in the manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality product. This allows each type of product to fulfill the requirements regarding the composition and operation set in advance.


Modern analytical – and research equipment into which is equipped laboratory allows to carry out the necessary actions for the purpose of Agrecol Sp. o.o. or external client in a professional and also quickly and efficiently way.


Staff we have working in this department has many years of working experience as well as full professional competence in the field of laboratory work.


The quality management system ISO 9001 and the international certificate of the environmental management ISO 14001 are elements proving our professionalism also in other departments.

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